This cute cat and its human have ‘matching socks’ but not in the way you’d think | Trending

When cats or dogs observe their humans doing something, it becomes imperative for their adorable selves to begin imitating that behaviour as well. And that is just what can be seen in this one Instagram video, which has been progressively becoming viral for the sweetest of reasons. The video opens to show a cat and its human laying on a bed as they both enjoy some leisure time in the company of each other. But the pet mom goes on to elaborate on how she likes to lounge in her bed in a specific way and her cat ends up mirroring her actions and laying down in a very human-like but cutely feline way.

The video has been reshared on the Instagram page that is quite famous and is known as Cats Doing Things. This page which is dedicated to posting adorable photos and videos of cats and kittens alike, has over 1.5 million followers and is verified as well. This particular share by them is also guaranteed to make you chuckle and even relate to it if you have a pet, be it a cat or a dog of your own. “Matching socks,” read the caption to this hilariously adorable cat video.

Watch the video right here:

Posted on August 12, this video has over 25,500 likes on it so far.

“She’s just chillin,” commented an Instagram user. “Loving the audible purr,” posted another. “This is so damn cute oh my goodness how precious,” shared a third.

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