Nenjukku Neethi Review 2022 : How is the film?

Nenjukku Neethi Review 2022

Nenjukku Neethi Review : Justice for the Chest is a remake of the nationally acclaimed film ‘Article 15’ in Hindi. At the heart of the film is the death of two women who are murdered and turned into suicide. Mixing it to suit the politics of Tamil Nadu, with the title Justice for Karunanidhi’s Chest, Udayanithi has acted and released Justice for Chest.

From the beginning of the film to the end, the Ambekkar-Periyar statues, along with their lines of photos, have been crawling for dialogue. The pains borne by one party are described line by line. The story starts in Coimbatore.

Nenjukku Neethi Review
Nenjukku Neethi Review

Three women from an oppressed community are enchanted. Two are hanged. A woman, not sure what happened. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. Did the executed women get justice? Got the magic girl? That is, justice to the chest. 

The story moves on to portray Suresh Chakraborty, who happens to be an inspector, as Sundaram Iyer, a blatantly caste-based villain, with a stack of verses against the community he belongs to, as well as pro-another side of the victim. Caste … caste .. caste … for intoxication, social justice, then the film moves on relying on them as Periyar, Ambedkar. In fact it is something that needs to be talked about. But it also raises the question of whether it has been manipulated politically. 

When the Udayanithi verse says that the character named Anita to the woman doctor in Kota and I will be supporting Anita, the DMK campaigns just come to mind. Many times such a feeling could not be avoided. They are not saying something that does not happen in the community. But, the only thing that claims to happen is a little overdose. The film gets good scope for Udayanidhi after the man film; Right in cinema, right in politics. Director Arunkumar Kamaraj has succeeded in keeping the verse against Udayanithi, the verses against Hindi, the rule of the past, everything where needed as the minister’s son – in – law. 

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Udayanithi is well on his way, without diminishing the police acumen. Many of the flaws in his earlier films have been removed. Ari, though a short-lived revolutionary, has recorded Kumaran’s name in the film. Suresh Chakraborty has played a major role in making the film bigger. The same amount of stock belongs to composer Thibu Ninan Thomas. That takes us into the story of the film, that’s the background. Thibu has played throughout the film. Dinesh Krishna’s cinematography shows eye-popping and invisible scenes. 

Politicians have ridiculed the caste they see, and those who survive by politicizing caste; That is why Udayanidhi can be praised. They have boldly given a picture, without any compromise. Criticisms will come; When there is a fundraiser in the story, what if they don’t deal with it? Udayanidhi is the shield for the film and the story. The film may help the DMK’s next political journey and its image. Justice for the chest … Udayanidhi for the punch!

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