Milind Soman flags off 450 km run from Jhansi to Delhi on August 15, completes 58 km in one day: Watch video | Health

Fitness enthusiast Milind Soman believes in prioritising his physical and mental health over anything else. The 56-year-old does so by eating clean, exercising regularly, and practising yoga and meditation. However, more than anything, Milind loves going on runs and participating in marathons with his 30-year-old wife, Ankita Konwar. And he did the same for ringing in the country’s Independence Day on August 15. Milind kickstarted a marathon from Jhansi Fort in Jhansi to Red Fort in Delhi and updated his followers on the progress.

On Monday, Milind took to his Instagram page to share a video and a picture of himself running a marathon from Jhansi to Delhi. The former supermodel and actor started his journey from the Jhansi Fort and will end it at Red Fort in Delhi, which will be 450 km. And according to his video, he completed almost 58 km yesterday. Well, this will definitely inspire you to get fit. (Also Read: Ankita Konwar drops romantic pic featuring Milind Soman with adorable note)

“Flagged off the Unity Run from Jhansi to Delhi today from Jhansi fort! Average of 53 km per day for 8 days, should be fun. Jai Hind. Happy Independence Day India! May we all make a small effort for a few minutes every day for our own physical and mental health,” Milind captioned his video. The text on the clip reads, “Covered 58 km of total 450 km to Red Fort from Jhansi Fort.” Watch the video here.

According to Milind’s post, he plans to cover an average of 53 km to complete the run from Jhansi to Delhi in 8 days.

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Milind’s post garnered several likes and comments from his followers. One fan wrote in the comments section, “You are such a huge inspiration. Stay blessed always.” Another posted, “Wow sir. Great.” One netizen said, “Legend. You silence all the c*ap talking about the perils of running. Godspeed.”

Running Benefits:

Meanwhile, running is a great exercise to achieve overall fitness for our body. It helps build strong bones, strengthen muscles, improve cardiovascular fitness, burn plenty of kilojoules, and maintain a healthy weight. Additionally, consistent running lowers blood pressure and resting heart rate.

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