#InternationalCoffeeDay: Jazz up your love for java!

Love all things coffee and got a taste for fine flavours? Then these coffee mocktails are just for you! This International Coffee Day, add a splash of fruit juice, or a hint of spices to your regular brew, and take it up a notch. However, before you get started, there are a few things to keep in mind. We spoke to experts to know the right way to whip up a coffee mocktail.

“A good mocktail recipe is one that combines a sense of sophistication with various delicious ingredients. Using fruit pureé, sparkling water, muddled herbs, and flavoured syrups, can result in the perfect drink,” says Siddesh Sawardekar, mixologist at Novotel Goa Candolim.

Making coffee mocktails is pretty simple, according to Rahul Aggarwal, founder of Coffeeza. “You have to use cold black coffee as the base. Then regular or flavoured tonic waters, sodas, or even ginger ale can be added as a mixer. One can also use syrups for sweetness. If you don’t want to add any such mixers, then you can use simple flavours like orange juice, grape juice, or coconut water for that refreshing taste,” he shares.

Aggarwal recommends freshly brewed coffee for the best results. He adds, “Coffee capsules or ground coffee can be used to brew an espresso or black coffee, while pour-over coffee bags can be used to make drip style coffee. These beverages should be brewed over ice. It is not advisable to add instant coffee because it does not give an authentic taste.”

Looking to add a fruity or herby touch to your coffee mocktail? Sawardekar suggests using non-alcoholic bitters to give the drink even more flavour depth. “If you have some rosemary or mint in your garden, top it off with that. Or you can also add fresh blueberries or peaches,” he says.

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You can also experiment with a desi flavour. “Almost any spice can be used for this, be it cardamom, cloves, or cinnamon. It adds a unique flavour and a soothing aroma to the drinks,” says Abhinav Mathur, coffee connoisseur and CEO of Something’s Brewing. “For the presentation of your mocktail, you can never go wrong with orange peel, zest and spices,” says Rayomond Irani, COO Della Resorts.

Here are some recipes to try at home:

Orange Spiced Cooler
Orange Spiced Cooler

Orange Spiced Cooler :  

 In a shaker: 

 Orange juice: 100 ml

Cinnamon Powder: A pinch

Cold Brew: 100ml

Ice Cubes : 3-4

Brown Sugar: 1 sachet : 5 gms

 In a glass: Ice Cubes: 3-4

Mix all ingredients together in the shaker and pour it in the glass

Garnish with half a slice of orange and whole cinnamon (optional)

Abhinav Mathur, coffee connoisseur

Orange Snowspresso
Orange Snowspresso

Orange Snowspresso

It’s a mixture of espresso, orange syrup, and pulp — layered to form a beautiful amber and

brown colour — with an earthy, slightly sweet flavour. This version has a creamy top, sort of like

a nitro coffee, and is served over ice.


½ cup brewed coffee

½ cup orange syrup and freshly squeezed orange pulp

Whipped cream



1. Brew your coffee and let it cool. We recommend making your coffee extra strong to keep the flavour balanced .

2. Pour the chilled orange pulp and syrup into your glass first.

3. Pour the cooled coffee on top and take a moment to admire the beautiful layers.

4. Lastly, top the coffee with whipped cream, and sprinkle some cinnamon powder.

Siddesh Sawardekar, Mixologist

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Frosty Lemon Mint Espresso
Frosty Lemon Mint Espresso

Frosty Lemon Mint Espresso


 Espresso – 30ml

 Lime Cordial/ Lemon concentrate – 10ml

 Ice – as required

 Soda – 100-120ml

 Mint Leaves

 Lemon


Brew espresso and add it to a shaker filled with ice to cool.

In a glass add lime cordial, mint leaves and squeeze half a lemon. Stir the mixture and add more ice. Top

this with chilled club soda. Add the cooled espresso and garnish with lemon wedges.

Rahul Aggarwal, coffee expert

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