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Ankita Konwar is our yoga inspo. Ankita, wife of TV personality, model and fitness enthusiast Milind Soman is known for sharing snippets of her fitness diaries on her Instagram profile. Ankita believes in the power of workouts, yoga and running. Ankita is often spotted either engrossed in a running routine or in a yoga routine in her living room. Ankita also believes in connecting with nature through yoga. The couple – Ankita and Milind – are often seen performing their workout routine together even when they are in a trip. The couple keeps sharing fitness inspo and couple goals for us.

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Ankita, on Sunday, shared a short snippet from her fitness routine. For the weekend, Ankita chose to work on her balance and movement of the body. Ankita, in one of the pictures, can be seen smiling while looking away, all the while performing Merudandasana. In the other picture, Ankita can be seen working on her body’s balance through Anantasana. Dressed in a tank top and a pair of tights. Ankita can be seen smiling for the pictures. With the pictures, Ankita also shared her fitness state of mind in the caption – “In movement there’s balance and in balance there’s movement.” She further added that these asanas are good for the strength and the flexibility of the body. Take a look at the pictures here:

Merudandasana comes with multiple health benefits. It helps in improving balance, focus and the concentration of the body. It also helps in strengthening the core muscles and stimulating the abdominal organs. This further helps in improving digestion. Merudandasana also helps in stretching the spine and opening the hip and the back of the legs. Anantasana, on the other hand, helps in stretching the legs, shoulder muscles, thighs, pelvic floor muscles, groin muscles, biceps and triceps. It also helps in reducing belly fat and alleviating back pain.

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